Stage 4 Mesothelioma

The last stage of Mesothelioma is stage 4 Mesothelioma which is the most advanced stage of the disease. Even though it is considered to be the last stage, the patient is still eligible for palliative treatment that contributes to improving quality of life of the patient.

In stage 4, the disease has generally spread to organs and structures of the body which are usually far from where the disease was first diagnosed. This results in having difficulty in treating the disease. In other words, stage 4 Mesothelioma is incurable. However, there are clinical trials and palliative treatment where new treatments are tried in order to extend life expectancy of the patient.

In comparison to other three stages of Mesothelioma, the symptoms of stage 4 Mesothelioma are hugely noticeable. This is the result of extreme growth of the tumor in both sides of the body. In this stage, the tumor can result in breathing shortness, chest pain, stomach pain or even anorexia. Other symptoms include:

  • Building of fluid in lining of lungs
  • Building of fluid in lining of abdomen
  • Extreme loss of weight, body mass and appetite
  • Anorexia
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Fever
  • Sweating in the night

Since stage 4 Mesothelioma sees advanced growth of tumors, there is very slight change of curative treatment working. The doctor can use common Mesothelioma treatment like palliative treatment to relieve the patient from pain and discomfort.

Mesothelioma is almost an incurable disease. So, if anyone has even slight view of above mentioned symptoms, it shall be easy to identify the stage of the disease. It is better not to wait for the disease to get worse. Rather, as soon as symptoms of stage 1 Mesothelioma is seen, it is better to visit a specialist immediately.

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